AWP 2020 Operations – The Truth About Parking Structure Maintenance: How to Protect Your Investment

Presented by:  Scott Weiland
Company:  Innovative Engineering, Inc.

Learning Objectives:
1.  Understanding of the Different Types of Parking.
2.  Understanding of Parking Structures (Structure Types, Cost Comparison, Lifecycle Costs).
3.  Understanding of Common Deficiencies, Importance of Routine Maintenance, and Timely Restoration.
4.  Understanding of Components in an Operations & Maintenance Program.

Description of Presentation:
Most people see the rugged look of a parking structure and assume they don’t require much
maintenance; unfortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Review the advantages
and disadvantages of commonly encountered parking structural systems, including life cycle
and maintenance costs, common deficiencies and repairs, and the importance and elements of
a good maintenance program.

Speaker Biography:
Scott Weiland PE is a corporate business partner of the IFMA Atlanta Chapter in addition to
being a member of other related commercial real estate associations. He is a graduate of the
University of Michigan and attended graduate school at both San Jose State University and
Georgia Institute of Technology and is a registered engineer in 25 states. Mr. Weiland has over
39 years’ experience as a structural engineer in both design and construction and has
specialized in the parking structure restoration field for the last 25+ years. He is president of
Innovative Engineering Inc based in Atlanta and Seattle, however the firm does work all over
the United States and its’ territories including Puerto Rico and Guam. His passion is to educate
real estate professionals on how they can save money by maintaining their parking structures.
Scott is doing this through speaking engagements and articles published in industry