Unmasking FM with Sociology (When Human Behavior Disrupts Operations)

Unmasking FM with Sociology (When Human Behavior Disrupts Operations)

Presented by—Joe Pearson

Course Description:

How many times a day are you frustrated when people just won’t behave, follow directions or read the signs you put up? Why is common sense not so common? As Facility Managers, leaders and operational professionals, we constantly battle with human behavior and struggle to stay one step ahead of customers. This session will share practical strategies that are being used on a daily basis in multiple locations of over 3,400 people to help people “behave” and follow the facility processes in place. While this session is not a silver bullet that will solve all of your problems, you will likely laugh, feel validated, agree, disagree and maybe even cry, but you won’t be bored.

The length of the course will be 60-90 minutes and the audience will be facility and operations professionals as well as design and real estate professionals. The session will focus equally on design, operations and maintenance and strategic approaches to managing space.

3 key learning objectives from your session
1. Understand that many of the frustrations you face as a Facility/Operations Manager are a result of sociology principles at work
2. Learn how to strategically build and manage space that will enable you to shape behavior
3. Gain perspective on solutions in the marketplace

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