AWP 2020 Sustainability – Sustainable Stormwater Management

Presenters: Crabapple Landscapexperts

Thomas Winter

Jason Coultas

Dale Rucker

Bond Morgan

Learning Objectives:

  • Purpose of Stormwater Management
  • Types of Ponds and Identification
  • Control Structures
  • Maintenances Requirements
  • Public Safety Guidelines
  • Description of Presentation:
    This presentation provides an overview of sustainable stormwater management, also called low impact development (LID) or green infrastructure, at its facilities. Sustainable stormwater management focuses on reducing runoff and improving water quality. LID practices help maintain natural hydrologic cycles through site grading, vegetation, soils and natural processes that absorb and filter stormwater onsite.
  • Sustainable stormwater management is an alternative to the traditional piped approach. It promotes onsite collection and conveyance of stormwater from roofs, parking lots, streets, and other surfaces to infiltrate into the ground or collect for reuse, often reducing the need for costly underground structures.

Speaker Biographies:

Thomas Winter: Commercial Business Development Manager

Crabapple welcomed Pennsylvania native, Thomas Winter to our Business Development Team. Just over 2 years ago and are so happy he is part of our crabapple family.

Thomas grew up working on an apple orchard and his love of the outdoors eventually led to a Horticulture Degree from Penn State and Tree Sciences Degree from Kent State. Thomas’s 18- year career in the green industry included moving to Northern Virginia to manage the grounds for Arlington National Cemetery and The US National Mall in Washington DC.

Dale Rucker: Vice-President Sales

Dale joined The Crabapple Team in 2005 and brings more than 26 years of dynamic sales management experience to Crabapple. A graduate of The Rochester Institute of Technology, Dale is a native New Yorker who has lived in Atlanta since 1995.

Dale drives the strategic direction of Crabapple’s New Sales Revenues and specializes in marketing strategy and large account acquisitions. A pivotal player in the significant growth of Crabapple over the last 14 years.

Jason Coultas: Senior Customer Relations Manager

Jason has been a Customer Relations Manager for Crabapple’s South Branch for 5 years. Jason brings 10 years landscape and customer relations experience to Crabapple.  Jason oversees and Identifies property issues and proposes property improvement and enhancement solutions.

A native of Sarasota Florida, Jason earned a degree in Landscape Maintenance and Horticulture from North Metro Technical College and is a Georgia Certified Landscape Professional as well as a Georgia Certified Plant Professional

Bond Morgan: Senior Customer Relations Manager

Bond Morgan is a Senior CRM at The North Branch and brings more than 25 years Landscape Management Experience to Crabapple. In his 8 years with Crabapple, Bond has demonstrated a track record of superb of leadership, teamwork, customer service and project development. Because of his continued commitment to his customers and team, Bond has become one of the most recognizable names in the Atlanta Landscape Industry.