Active Shooter


October 23, 2014

Active shooter events are much more than the few minutes or hours that an armed assailant is inside your building or on your campus. An active shooter event or violence in the workplace does not end once the attacker is removed from the situation, and part of dealing with an active shooter event is planning for business continuity after the event.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the characteristics of an Active Shooter
  • Understand the basics of Workplace Violence
  • Understand the need for an Emergency Action Plan for intelligent threats and workplace violence
  • Understand the essentials of an Emergency Action Plan and how to create one and put it into effect for your business

Speaker: Sergeant First Class Dan Stephen

Sergeant First Class (SFC) Dan Stephens is an expert in intelligent threats and has been in law enforcement for over 24 years. He has nine years of experience with SWAT teams, holding the ranks of Entry Team Leader, Assistant Tactical Commander, and Lead Instructor for a state SWAT school. SFC Stephens has been a Field Training Officer for two state police field posts, a Use of Force Coordinator for the Department of Public Safety for a major metropolitan police department, and he was instrumental in the development of the state’s Active Shooter Program. In addition to being the Lead Active Shooter instructor for a large metropolitan police agency troop, SFC Stephens has instructor-level credentials in ALERRT (Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training), firearms, defensive tactics, TASER, Integrated Use of Force, and crisis negotiations.

SFC Dan Stephens is a decorated officer. He is the recipient of a Governor’s Public Safety Award for Heroism, two Valor Awards, two Commissioner’s Commendations for Bravery, and Physical Fitness Awards from both a major state police department and the state SWAT team.


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